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The top 10 ways to keep from selling in China (or anywhere else).

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1) Make no investment in the country. Don’t learn any of the language, don’t read about the culture, and don’t visit frequently. Why waste your valuable time? 2) Don’t spend any money. Use a “straight commission, no cure no pay” business model. After all, no one else is interested in the Chinese market, so remember […]

10 business opportunities created by the Olympics

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As we cheer on the Olympic Games, we should be aware of the business prospects that are created

thought for entrepreneurs

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Many years ago I went to a mentor of mine with a great idea. He put down 1c on the table, and told me I owed him one more idea. “Ideas are two to a penny.” He said. “Implementation is priceless.” Technorati Tags: business, consulting advice, strategy, start ups