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how to attract foreign investment to your firm

Posted: Thursday, March 26th, 2009 @ 2:56 pm in Global Business | No Comments »

The trend is obvious. US firms crushed by a credit crises and fear in the private equity and capital markets need to look elsewhere for money. Many are looking overseas for Chinese, Japanese, and European investment. Hat in hand, our executives travel to these far off and distant capital markets in search of money to […]

10 tips to getting over the American stigma overseas

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The term “America” or “American” will always strike emotion overseas. Many other countries seem more neutral, but the United States has its history, its power and its media. Now more than ever, the United States is a controversial business ally. In addition to fighting two wars, we have a declining stock market, CEOs going to […]

10 mistakes commonly made in international negotiations:

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1.Lack of preparation. The three P’s of negotiation are preparation, preparation, and preparation. Do you know about the people with whom you will negotiate? Do you understand anything about their history, culture, or needs? Have you researched the firm you are speaking with, and brought in a guide to coach you as to what to […]