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International Business – Can Piracy Be An Effective Market Strategy?

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Piracy as a Business Model in International Business Piracy is an enormous industry. We can’t even really get an accurate picture of how big the counterfeit industry is. Estimates range from the billions of dollars to the hundreds of billions of dollars annually. For example, the US Congressional International Anti Piracy Caucus estimates that Piracy […]

International Business Videos –

Posted: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 @ 8:48 pm in Global Business | No Comments » Here are mistakes to avoid in international Business

3D Printing Trends – 7 Trends in Additive Manufacturing

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There will be less “big manufactured” goods. Specialty manufacturing will take some of that industry away. There will be less manufacturing jobs. If audiologists can print on site and on demand, what happens to the people in the hearing aid factory? Less shipping. Instead of placing the washer in the envelope and sending it, I […]