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Funny 3D Printing Video – 3D Printing Under the Sea

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Enjoy this funny 3d Printing Video. For more, go to youtube.

Funny 3d printing video!

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Global Business Article – Should Firms Take Investments From Overseas Investors?

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Three trends are coming together that make American companies look more and more at getting overseas investors: money is easier to move internationally, there is an abundance of new wealth coming from the third world, and there are scores of new intermediaries saying they are connected to this wealth. These intermediaries take the shape of […]

Fun 3D Printing Video Show

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3d printing videos on fire from 3dprintingindustry on Vimeo.

3D Printing Industry – Will 3D Printing Be Based in the United States?

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The industry of 3D printing is becoming one of the world’s hottest, and Forbes magazine estimated the current $3 billion global market to reach $20 billion by 2015. It’s expected to knock down barriers in international business. Experts are comparing the innovation to the steam engine, and it’s destined to change the entire manufacturing industry. […]