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Business Startups Marketing Strategies

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These business startups tips are from real life experience, and often deal with issues not covered elsewhere, such as partner management and vendor management. Purchase 1-2-3 Business Start-up Tips now! Technorati Tags: business startups, business start up tips, marketing strategies, starting a business

thought for entrepreneurs

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Many years ago I went to a mentor of mine with a great idea. He put down 1c on the table, and told me I owed him one more idea. “Ideas are two to a penny.” He said. “Implementation is priceless.” Technorati Tags: business, consulting advice, strategy, start ups

start up one – liner

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my mother should be able to understand your vision, and mission statements

perfect partner?

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” your perfect partner: your reciprocal.” This is this week’s one liner, posted by our Road Scholar.