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International Business Podcast – China Outsourcing; Easy to do?

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Click here for the latest International Business Podcast brought to you by International Toolkit

Doing Business In China- Quick Video

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One minute video on doing Business in China. Free and informative. Enjoy!

How to push your company at an international trade show

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How to push your company at an international trade show Denver Business Journal The world-is-getting-smaller concept means Americans are attending more foreign trade shows to perform market research, sell their wares, engage in competitive analysis, or seek partners and alliance companies. There are nuances to doing this overseas, and here are the top 10 tips […]

Why do Chinese, Indian firms buy foreign companies?

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It’s no secret that Asian merger fever is a major trend. It seems the Chinese government holds endless foreign reserves, and is using that cash to acquire Western firms. China and India are showing the world they’re not just low-cost exporters, but also global M&A players. We’ve seen examples with factories that made clothing and […]

There are many types of experts

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Needed for international market entry: negotiators researchers translators localisers implimentors strategists finace experts tax experts shipping experts HR experts cultural trainers

Lemonade Radio is Here!

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Lemonade Radio is the newest training and entertaining business tool. Hear our experts talk about timeless business and marketing secrets, right at your desktop. Many of our episodes are free! Technorati Tags: New site, funny radio, business radio, funny talk radio, marketing secrets, entertaining buisness advice

Announcing an awful new website

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Announcing This site is about the awful business deals we see people do, and we see people about to do. All of our users have lived through awful deals, and need a place to write about them, critique them, and read the awful deals of others. Register now for awful deals. We don’t charge, […]

China-bashing sounds quite familiar

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The closing of American factories and the rising trade deficit with China isn’t enough. The latest spate of recalls from Chinese toy factories has led to a new era of “China Bashing.” You may remember that a similar term, “Japan Bashing,” was used in the 1980s. Someone needed to be blamed for the high trade […]