Entrepreneurship Quiz

1 Why are companies in the U.S.A. in business in the first place?
2 True or false: Starting a business is about taking risks.
3 True or false: It is an advantage to start a business in an area with no competitors.
4 True or false: There are definite methodologies to be employed when you start a business.
5 What is the most important document needed when going into business with friends?
6 What is the difference between equity and money?
7 If you could own 2% of a company (equity), or 10% of the company’s profits, which would be better?
8 What is a corporation?
9 What is the biggest error companies make today?
10 What are the key success factors (KSF) for starting a company?

Global Business Quiz

1 How might a Chinese firm learn all about its American Competitors?
2 True or false: Agents are free, effective means to penetrate a foreign market.
3 True or false: Japanese electronics are less expensive in Japan than in the USA.
4 True or false: My Spanish-speaking staff should be used to sell to the Spanish speaking markets.
5 True or false: Once you have achieved foreign distribution, you have very little chance of failure.
6 True or false: The American system of business is greatly admired and imitated around the world.
7 True or false: Value is value, and the best value usually triumphs.
8 True or false: A company’s web site creates a presence abroad.
9 True or false: Asians and Europeans are not as technically advanced as the USA. Evidence of this is the lack of E-Commerce use.
10 True or false: A contract is your best guarantee of compliance.