See what some of our readers had to say:

This booklet has helped me start one of the largest software firms in the world. I will always be in the author’s debt.

– Bill Kates, Microsoff

Entertaining, informative!

– CEO, Doctor Gamble

It’s better than anything I’ve ever written.

– Bill Shakespeare, Playwright

I wish these booklets were around when we started our firm.

– Founder, Joke-a-Cola

His insight rivals my own.

– Freud*

I bought 500 copies, and intend to buy even more.

– Bill’s Mom

I always knew he was a genius.

– Bill’s wife

Mister, you’re in my seat.

– Guy on bus

OK, OK… Here is another tip:
Testimonials are usually written by the companies themselves!
(This was an extreme example to make the point).
*(Ben Freud, NYC butcher)